Event 2: The Narrative Self

Date: 19th April 2018

Keynote Speaker: Professor Marya Schechtman

Several accounts of what it is for something to count as a person and persist over time as the same person have focused on biological and psychological conditions. However, when many people think about their own personal identity and sense of self, they tend to understand these things in terms of a narrative that unfolds across their life. We view ourselves as the protagonist of an ongoing story which connects all the events in our lives. Many who write about personhood and the self have attempted to do justice to this intuition by incorporating some kind of narrative condition into their accounts. The presence of such a condition has some significant implications for our understanding of personhood and our sense of self, as well as raising further issues about how these concepts relate to the more familiar biological and psychological conditions of personhood.

In this workshop our speakers address this concept of ‘The Narrative Self’.

Schedule (includes short breaks between papers and Q&A):

Preliminaries: 9:00 – 9:30

9:00 – 9:20    Arrival and registration sign in.

9:20 – 9:30    Jon Bebb (The University of Manchester). Welcome: Themes, Aims and Admin.

Session A: 9:30 – 11:25

9:30 – 11:25 Speaker 1: Dr. Ben Sorgiovanni (The Queen’s College, University of Oxford). Semantic Memory and the Narrative Self”. 

Speaker 2: Dr Anna Bergqvist (Manchester Metropolitan University). Hope in Narrative Self-Creation: A Relational Approach”. 

11:25 – 11:45 BREAK 

Session B:  11:45 – 13:40

11:45 – 13:40 Speaker 3: Pilar Lopez-Cantero (The University of Manchester). Love, self-constitution and change”. 

Speaker 4: Dr. Oded Na’aman (Stanford University). Grief, Narrative, and the Continuation of Love by Other Means”. 

13:40 – 14:35 LUNCH BREAK 

Session C:  14:35 – 16:30

14:35 – 16:30 Speaker 5: Anh Quan Nguyen (The University of St Andrews). Against Narrative Ethics”. 

Speaker 6: Eoin Carney (The University of Dundee). Technologies and the Narrative Self: A hermeneutic account of personal identity in the face of technological innovation”. 

Session D: 16:40 – 18:10

16:40 – 18:10 Keynote Speaker: Professor Marya Schechtman (The University of Illinois at Chicago). Glad it Happened: Narrative and the Depth of a Human Life”.